The Shining Sun

The Shining Sun

Why do we fear
Seeing a little bear?
Why are we sad
Getting a lower grade?
Fate is a rival with our happiness
That makes us hopeless.
Everyone rises and falls
For Fate our desires baffles.
We leave no stone unturned
To get our juicy fruits planned.
We turn left, we turn right,
To hide our gloomy plight.
We see pony spiders
Who are the greatest of fighters.
We lose our hope and sit aside,
All on a sudden get up to suicide.
We get our hope back,
When we see falling one’s back
Which Time did not slant
But toil makes him plant.
So we raise our head
Like a hungry man needing bread,
We become a wild hunter
Like an unfed savage tiger
Who did not get a buffalo or a deer
For a thousand avaricious year
Though black clouds crowd
Over our heads and run proud,
We are counting days and hours
To get our heavenly shining powers.

মোঃ রাকিব হোসেন

শিক্ষাবর্ষ: ২০১৭-১৮

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